The Phoneless Diary of a Twelve year old

Day 1
Sunday, 2nd August, 2015

All I can say is, Mum really makes a fuss out of nothing. Today was SO easy.
‘You’ll be wanting to text.’ Mum said. ‘Or check Snap Chat and Instagram.’
Yeah. Well she got that wrong. We went to a restaurant this evening and a lovely long walk on the beach. I really didn’t need my phone; I was so busy with family stuff and went back to reading “To Kill a Mocking Bird” which was only three pages in. Loving it!

Day 2.
Monday 3rd August 2015

I cannot believe all the fuss parents make,going on about how the phone affects us. I mean, I don’t miss it AT ALL. What is the big deal? In fact I’d say today I am SO passionate about the fact that I really do NOT need a phone in my life. Today was so busy again,so much going on, I don’t know how I’d fit it in going on the phone anyway. Noticing Mum and Dad spend a lot of time on their phones actually. How hypocritical is that! I don’t really care anyway. So what if I have no idea what my friends are doing. To Kill A Mocking Bird is getting really interesting. I’m at the bit where Scout goes to school and her teacher tells her off for not reading properly. The sub plots are all starting to come together.

Day 3
Tuesday 4th August 2015

This no phone thing is getting a bit boring now I have to say. I only wanted to see if Annie was dressing up for the carnival for goodness sake and Dad went ballistic about how disappointed in me he was, that I had no staying power to see this thing through! What’s the big deal in using my phone for 5 minutes just to catch up over the last few days? All we’ve done today is sit at home in the rain. I’ve literally just lolled around all day doing nothing. I don’t see why I can’t just go on my phone as there’s nothing else to do. It’s SO annoying. This project is just stupid and a waste of my holiday time. The rain clouds would make some great posts on Instagram…... but I haven’t got my phone. Don’t think I can’t do this though…... I’m not bothered THAT much. My book’s good. I’m just wondering what my mates are up to. Anything wrong with that, DAD!!!

Day 4.
Wednesday 5th August 2015

Days are going so slow. I am sick of this now. What IS the point of this by the way MOTHER?
I refuse to write.

Day 5

Had a massive row with parents this morning. I need my phone!!!! Everyone will be wondering where I am! I have NEVER been without my phone EVER!!! Family! Holidays! I’m bored!!! I’m also stuffing my face with Ben and Jerry’s, After Eights, doughnuts and Gummy Bears. What’s the point of looking after my body if I can’t take any selfies? Anyway, Mum and I are taking the train to Oxford this afternoon with Toby my pug - it’s his first train journey. The photos are going to be great… Oh! I forgot. I haven’t got my phone, have I? What is the point in even going anywhere without my phone. I can’t Instagram it to show all my friends what an amazing summer I’ve been having! Even if it isn’t as great as the picture states, it will make my Instagram feed look great! I have so many editing apps on my phone, the possibities to how amazing your pictures will look are endless! I feel that everything I am doing is almost pointless because my friends aren’t there on the other end of a screen to acknowledge it. Anyway, I’ve got to go now. Busy with Toby and getting him settled on the train; he’s had a bath especially. I could’ve taken a photo on how cute he looked and posted it! I need my… I think you get the message.

Day 6

Yesterday on the train was actually dare I say it, really fun! I travelled with a superstar… Toby! Everyone wanted to take photos with him and some were playing with him on their laps! The driver even spoke to Toby and ended up leaving the station four minutes late! I spent half the time befriending a girl who spoke fluent welsh and english and we played with Toby and the other half reading my new magazine all about Zoella and her pug, Nala! When we changed for the Didcot train he was treated like a minor celebrity and we nearly missed our stop. Weirdly, I only realised I didn’t have my phone when I was brushing my teeth before bed. I was thinking about what I said yesterday about desperately needing my phone to tell my friends what I was up to and I’ve had a think about that. I don’t need anything or anyone to tell me that I should be confident or tell me that the things I’m doing are worthy of them, hitting the “like” button or that I should have 500 followers or friends. Yesterday I had an amazing time. I didn’t need to tell the world about it to feel good about myself. I just had a great time in the moment and those memories will always be with me without me having to publish it to everybody on line. When I think it of it like that, it’s mad posting everything we do everyday. I’m laughing now when I think how much time I’ve spent doing that since I joined senior school last year. What HAVE I been doing?

Day 7

Today I only remembered I hadn’t been on my phone just before lunch. I’m smiling now as I realise I am less bothered about checking my phone but more bothered about how I explain to everyone I was off my phone for a week to see what it felt like to be away from the world of virtual reality. In seven days I have learnt so much about myself and the power my phone has. I used my phone as a confidence booster as most of us do but it isn’t a very genuine one. Your confidence is being boosted in a world that doesn’t exist. You give likes to get likes. You put filters on your photos to change the way you look. You take photos of all the great things but delete the not so great things. Without my phone, my head feels clearer. I didn’t have to fill my head with half the worries I had when posting photos, liking shots and texting. If anyone is thinking of getting off their phone for a break, then do it…... it will open your eyes to a world that you haven’t visited in a very, very, long time.

Nia Willis


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