Where Pace Prioritises, Play Creates.

Play is essential for well being and health in Mind and Body and is therefore crucial in our quest for a contented life. Without Play we would find it more difficult to relax, harder to concentrate when we are under stress and curb the brain of its creativity. Play therefore is an integral part of the Purisity Way and should be given equal attention in your thoughts equal to Mind Body Pace Coach and Space.

The unsurprising fact is that many of us have forgotten how to Play - a generation of young people today fall into that category in that Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have taken over where once the humble bat and ball took centre stage.

Pace through Mindfulness recognising ways where the brain needs to switch off from over work, overstimulation of the bombardment of technology around us. When the body takes on too much stress the fight or flight response kicks in. We may be sitting at a desk at the time and unable to run, to burn off the excess adrenaline flying round our bodies. Pace readdresses balance and organises time to create Play.

Play is therefore a very crucial means to a end. Without Play, Pace would be twiddling its thumbs as to what to do with itself. Without Play, stress leads to illness.

Play deals with the proactive approach of putting Pace into action. ln the office, it may be a mindful walk in the park at lunchtime or a mindful five side kick about at the leisure centre with your mates after work. lt may be taking up a new hobby like learning to play the piano, or sewing classes, french lessons, cookery course,meeting up with a friend once a week, listening to your favourite music or mindfully washing the dishes.

It is all about being Aware in the Present Moment. 

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