Pace is all about balance in life. 
The tool that enables us to find that balance is to incorporate Mindfulness into our daily routine.
Mindfulness enables us to explore finding the balance between what we think we should be doing with what actually is - paying attention in awareness as to how we feel and discovering what works for us.
Learning to know when enough is enough before we reach burn out and ill health.
Yet how do we know when enough is too much when we are living in an age where expecting more than enough is a given?
The simple fact is, daily Mindfulness will open up Space where choices and possibilities materialise that were not there before.  We dont need to flee to the remotest corners of the globe to live in a cave like a hermit in the process.

Purisity Pace will show you how to keep your life on track, to concentrate on you choosing how you live your life rather than others making those decisions for you. Learning how to be discerning in your life choices, introducing the right routine for you in your life, realising your strengths and your weaknesses; your shortcomings and your capabilities - with kinness and compassion - so that you alone discover how to foster inner contentment. 

With gentle loving kindness and compassion.....

Pace Prioritises 


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