Purisity Mind

The Mind is constantly thinking. Even when we say we are not thinking, this in itself is a thought.
In Western culture, we spend so much empasis on diet and exercising the body.
We know it is important to eat well and exercise.

Yet the very thing that has the biggest influence on our well being, our mind,is not being given the attention it deserves.
Instead we allow it to run havoc and take over our lives. This in turn has a massive impact on our bodies, our health. Thought can cause illness in both Mind and Body.

In recent years, mainstream medicine has begun focusing on the benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation in some form on a daily basis and stating it is beneficial to overall health and wellbeing. We know that through Mindfulness,we train our brains to become more aware, more mindful of the dozens of thoughts that flit through our minds, moment by moment.
In concentrating our mind on our breathing - the in breath and the out breath - we allow the brain space to relax. In bringing curiosity to our thoughts, with an intention to be aware of our thoughts moment by moment without judgement, we allow the mind space.What enfolds from a daily practice of Mindfuness, is nothing less than profound change and at most, miraculously life changing .

There is nothing new in this way of thinking, of learning to live in the now. Ancient tribes and civilisations have practised Mindfulness as a natural way of living for thousands of years. 
Purisity Way enhances this experience, showing you simply and easily how to harness thoughts that are not useful to having a contented life.
Our thoughts are influenced by our experience and the bank of memories we accumulate through our lifetime.
Purisity shows you how to concentrate on the less which is essential for a contented life.By learning to harness this vast power which is central to who we are, how we think,act and feel, we ourselves can easily and effortlessly have the biggest impact on our well being.

The answer lies within each and every one of us.

If you want to learn more about how the Purisity Way can help you have a rested mind to allow you achieve a contented life get in touch.


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