Coach is our inner voice of loving kindness and compassion - the  inner resource we can rest easy with, in our quest for a contented life. 

How does that work?!!

How can we be a Coach to ourselves when we feel overwhelmed and in complete turmoil with anxiety, depression or pain?  

If we start from this premise, we open a door in the mind. In the daily practice of Mindfulness, in paying attention to to the breath, this allows us space in our mind to see thoughts arise, moment by moment. We notice with curiousity , non judgementally, there are thoughts that recurr on a daily basis, those that are useful and those that are not . We come to see that we have a choice as to the  thoughts that we wish to pay attention to and those that we do not. 

Being our own Coach may well be seen in the beginning as  the biggest challenge we face. You may be the classic Procrastinator, the Great PutterOffer.You may initially be shocked , or overwhelmed by the sheer number of thoughts that come to mind, now you have decised to make yourself aware. Meeting those those thoughts with loving kindness and compassion , with curiosity and a sense of homour gives oneself permisssion to create possibilities to open the space in the Mind.
It is here that Mindfulness can steady your ship , allowing to you meet the calm and the storms. Mindfulness gives the mind space, to give distance to the thoughts that create behaviours that can take over our lives and casue misery and distress.
Weare much much more than our thoughts.

Jennifer Rees Larcombe in her book Unexpected Healing describes how she had a miraculous healing from chronic illness.ln all the time she was ill which amounted to many, many years of remission and relapse, she talks about her Peace Joy where she was able to cope with her disability.
When I was creating the Purisity Way, I had thought of calling this section JOY - it could well have been named any of the following - Gratitude. Thankfulness. Peace. Joy is a tiny little word to describe all that is positive, uplifting and wonderfully spiritual about our very existence on earth and the contribution we can make to the common good. While experiencing life bed bound, then wheelchair bound was a distressing, painful and challenging time in my life  it was at the same time the most wonderful time as I thought and prayed myself to wellness.In taking care of myself and nurturing myself mindfully,with loving kindness and compassion, I learnt to be my own Coach.

To be a caring Coach to yourself you need to start practising a little Joy. Joy gives you permission to be kinder to yourself, to others and ultimately to the world you interact with.
Joy can work as a positive motivator too. If you are looking to push yourself to the next level in sport and in work you are more likely to achieve your goal if you are happy and enjoying what you are doing and not beating yourself up in the process.
Connect with Joy and your inner Coach will thank you for it.

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