Purisity Body is all about mindfully nourishing your body with the healthiest foods and liquids available to us right now, for optimum nutrition to wellness, both physically and mentally. The lastest scientific research tells us that Mind and Body are totally linked. Looking after our bodies while paying attention to our thoughts, so that Mind and Body interact and communicate with each other helps us to live a full holistic healthy life. 


There is no Purisity 'diet' but rather an unique tailor made eating plan that works for you.
The Purisity Way of eating is vast and varied, catering for all tastes and intolerances while remaining healthy and nutritious. The fact is, no two bodies are the same. We are all at different stages in our lives and so our nutritional needs will be different. A young mother caring for her new born baby will have very different nutritional needs to a grandparent experiencing menopausal symptoms. As well as that food intolerances have become more common place now than ever before with gluten, diary and lactose intolerances on the rise apart from those of us who suffer with 'true' allergies to wheat etc.The choice though, is always, always, yours - you are encouraged to make the healthiest food choices so your whole being will benefit, both physically and mentally.

The Purisity Way is about balance and simplicity in all things - a common sense approach to eating the best way you can to achieve the healthy body and mind you deserve for a contented life.


Purisity Body believes in the importance of mindful exercise as part of your daily routine.
It is as important to well being as the food and drink we take in.
The aim is to keep moving on a daily basis throughout our lives.
This means a bit more than walking around your office desk for 15 minutes during your mid morning break.
The aim is to have a regular daily and weekly routine in actively moving.
Your programme will be unique to your circumstances and individual needs.

When Mind and Body are in sync, the Essence of you is given Space to just Be.

If you want to know more about how The Puristy Way can help you achieve your goals


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