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Posted on May 20, 2016

Purisity Way Workshop
The Purisity Way is all about finding out what matters to you most and making time for the things you really care about, which includes yourself! We all want to be happier,more content in our lives, but is this an unattainable state in this frenetic world we live in?
Of course not.
I really believe that a contented life IS attainable for all of us with a few simple changes .
But where to start?
Think of the starting point of changing your life to sorting out that cupboard you've been meaning to sort out for the last 10 years or more.When we open that cupboard ( and we've all got one) it's a window into our minds. All this stuff we have accumulated are like our thoughts. Our thoughts and the habitual ways of thinking that we are so masterful at are a lot like the stuff we have crammed into that cupboard.
Think about what you want to get rid of to achieve a contented life.
Now it's decision time.
Decide you want to create change for yourself - but remember - only if YOU want to and this is the key point.
No one can create change for you - only YOU can do that.
The Purisity Way can show you how to achieve the changes you want, to your unique contented life.
The Purisity Way is gentle, kind and compassionate . Discover the Essence of You.

 To find out more, get in touch.

Purisity Workshops are free.

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