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Posted on June 29, 2017

Born Jon Kabat, June 5, 1944, Jon is Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic(founded 1979) and the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society (1995)at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
He retired from his positions at the medical centre in 2000. The Center for Mindfulness has been under the leadership of Dr. Saki Santorelli since that time, and during those years, it has grown remarkably and its programmes have become more and more influential both in the US and internationally.  

You can read about Jon's extensive remarkable contribution to health in mind and Body here at his website :Here

on will insist that he is not responsible for the miraculous stories where individuals share their return to health from experiencing the MBSR programme or how their lives have changed from reading his best selling books,Full Catastrophe Living:Using the Wisdom of your Bodyand Mind to Face Stress,Pain and Illness (Dell,1990;2nd edition revised and updated,Bantham 2013)
Of course, he is correct. As a therapist it is well documented that only we ourselves can take the step to wellness . We cannot as therapist, carers or health professionals enforce our will onto others to achieve a desired result. However, Jon humbly does himself a disservice. To take the teachings of Buddhism and to make these wisdom teachings accessible to health in mainstram healthcare, is nothing short of genius.
In recent years, as scientific evidence grows to back up Jon's programme ( MBSR- Mindfulness Based Reduction Response) , we now have evidence to show from fMRi scanning and the work of Sarah Lazar at Harvard that meditation shrinks the amygdyla , the walnut sized part of the brain that increses in size when we are stressed. We also now know that thoughts about thinking of a snarling tiger about to kill us can cause as much harm to our health as actually being faced with a snarling tiger since our thoughts are the stimulus to set the fight or flight response into action.

Jon's inquirying intellectual mind coupled with a compassion for the sufferring of others, has enabled Jon to find the path to help others help themselves. More importantly, in his individual practisce -in finding his true path on his spiritual journey , he has paved the way for others to find theirs- for this I will be eternally grateful.
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