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Posted on August 6, 2015

Enjoy the simple pleasure of Breadmaking your way

When I got married over thirty years ago, I was introduced to the unique flavour of the simple Irish soda farl by my husband's grandmother Alice Cairns. I first met her when I was a shy 20 year old student, she a sprightly 80 years young. We connected immediately in that like Alice, I had been brought up in a rural area or 'up the country' as she would say. As the city of Belfast grew the 'country' became the outskirts of the city. Grandma as she was known to her many grandchildren, lived at 'The Nook' a tiny little whitewashed cottage.She grew all her own vegetables in her cottage garden and did all her own baking. Over time, her little cottage became sandwiched between buildings old and new as the city grew around her. Having known hardship in her early life and living through two World Wars losing cherished loved ones,while constantly living in the time of the 'Troubles' in Belfast,her faith gave her strength in times of adversity; gratitude in times of joy. She lived for her family and the simple pleasures in life.

One of the simple pleasures I discovered when life wasn't going quite as I planned was bread making - specifically making Soda Bread the Irish Way. At the time I found that eating organically, free of additives and yeasts showed an improvement in my health. The one thing I struggled to give up was bread. It was then I remembered the humble yeast free soda farl. From Grandma's recipe I started to make my own.

That was over 25 years ago. In that time I have created my own variations of that basic recipe. One evening while breadmaking, Alice's great granddaughter, 12 year old Nia suggested I add Oregano to the original mix.

Purisity Soda was born.

Enjoy the simple rewarding pleasure of making your own bread for a contented life and a healthy one too.

Grandma Cairns lived a fulfilled, happy life to the age of 94.

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