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Posted on August 13, 2015

Cultivate Slow Living
Stop. Take a step back. Slow down .Reflect. 
Simple pleasures create treasured memories.

Savour simple suppers. Unwind with a good book in a deckchair in the garden. Watch the sun go down with a loved one.Spend a lazy afternoon browsing in an open air market.Take a coffee at the local deli and people watch perched on
a stool. Take the dog for a walk or take a friend's if you haven't got one . Offer to feed the neighbour's cat for a week while their away. Enjoy a walk barefoot along the shore.Climb a mountain.Learn to kayak. Take up singing lessons.  Begin yoga class.Swim in a river. Learn to knit. Make some bread .Feed some chickens.Paint a watercolour. See a show. Perform in a play. Lay in the bath.Go fruit picking.Enjoy the company of good friends, where laughter is a tonic and silences healing.

Making time for you.
Make time for others.

In a world where every minute of our time is allocated to doing, creating , working, striving, attaining - culitvating slow living for a contented life is a habit worth forming.
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